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  • Unveiled
    Merc Studio 299 • NW 36st • Wynwood

  • 1-4 ¦ 12 ¦ 11
    participation in the fringe events of
    Art Basel Miami

Pieces of marble ploughed through the ocean as a migratory population bringing a lot of histories, glances at the future and a luggage full of timeless emotions.
Seven arts interlaced together, blending in contaminations that give rise to an Italian project that will reach Miami.

A group of young painters, sculptors, video–makers, photographers, performers, musicians and chefs have gathered together to create the UNDERGROUNDOG project, opening an art space adjacent to the ART BASEL Miami.
Each artist breathes the air of his own time, each one inquire into the social issue, policy, social disadvantage and civil rights with his own approach.

The white Carrara marble is the subject we have chosen, it is the link with our history, it is the connection with the roots evolved by 2000 years of culture and art.

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